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Impotant Notes

Please enter your details in the form, once you have completed the form please click the submit button. The form will then evaluate the details that you have entered. If you have entered incorrect details or missed any fields that are mandatory these will be highlighted in yellow and an error message will be displayed next to the field. Once completed please allow 10-20 seconds for your data to go through to our systems and be processed for a decision. When the loading ring disappears, you will see the outcome of the results.

There are 3 possible decisions that can be made.

Status: GREEN - This means that we are in a position to help you based on the information that you have given. We can pay your mortgage in full and buy your home. We can also pay off your personal debt in full.1

Status: AMBER (REFERRED) - This means that based on the information that you have given, you fall between a status of red and a status of green. One of our Stop Eviction consultants will have to look into your application and get back to you within 24 hours.

Status: RED - This means that we are NOT in a position to help you, based on the information that you have given.

1 Stop Eviction WILL NOT 'negotiate with the creditor or owner, on behalf of the debtor or hirer, terms for the discharge of a debt, or taking over, in return for payments by the debtor or hirer, his obligation to discharge a debt, or any similar activity concerned with the liquidation of a debt', in relation to debts due under consumer credit agreements or consumer hire agreements. Stop Eviction WILL NOT participate, conduct or offer advice on debt-counselling (defined as) 'the giving of advice to debtors or hirers about the liquidation of debts due under consumer credit agreements or consumer hire agreements'. We will need to do a valuation on your property and then have a consultation with yourselves. Subject to the outcome of this consultation we will do our best to come to a purchase price agreement so that you have surplus cash to pay off your personal debt.
Stop Eviction is not regulated by the FSA, as we do not operate a 'Sell and Rent Back' agreement with the seller.

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