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Value of home (current market valueThe maximum price a buyer would spend on a property and the minimum price the seller would accept for their property at this present moment. This is not the value a house could potentially be sold at, it is the estimated price a property would be sold for at the present moment.): £ 
Mortgage (total) remaining: £ 
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Months in arrears (mortgage):
Early redemption amountThis is a charge for ending a mortgage before the agreed term has ended. This can be charged if a borrower pays the mortgage off earlier than agreed in the contract, of if the borrower remortgages with another lender. Some contracts might include time periods where the charges for ending the contract are larger than normal. This is known as a higher early redemption penalty. (if applicable): £ 
Secured loans (total) remaining: £ 
Secured loans monthly payments: £ 
Months in arrears (secured loans):


Please note that this calculator should be used as an illustration only.
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